About P&G

Just over a year ago, the idea for Paisley & Gold Sewing came to fruition. Erika Green, in the confines of her bedroom, created this burgeoning craft business. Erika is a full-time student that has always loved to create. With a single idea, a zipper and a quarter yard of fabric, Erika began her journey to becoming an accessory maker. Today, you can find Paisley & Gold products at markets and craft fairs around central Georgia as well as online. Paisley & Gold Sewing has an overall objective of providing its customers with affordable handmade items.


Each and every item is handcrafted with love, from start to finish. Selection of fabric prints is one challenging aspect of sewing, however at Paisley and Gold Sewing, we provide a large selection of fabric prints focused on the desires of our customers. Though our patterns vary, we maintain an adherence to our staple print, paisley. Our fabrics are bold, unique and cater to a wide variety of our customer’s needs. At Paisley & Gold, our motto is: We have something for everyone.


Paisley & Gold Sewing is a brand, which strives to provide quality-handcrafted items to every customer. Our products transform the everyday accessory into an item that makes a bold statement. At Paisley & Gold Sewing we love color, fun prints and sometimes even a little sparkle. We are inspired and motivated by our customers. Our deepest desire is that our customers feel good when carrying one of our products. In fact, this is our primary goal. Paisley & Gold Sewing specializes in bags, wallets, travel kits and other small accessories.It is our mission to ensure that every item is made with love and integrity.


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